Designed by Dr. Robin Bethell, one of Austin’s most recognized dentists, Blue Door Dental Designed intersects artistry and technology to elevate your dental experience. Your experience begins with a one-on-one design consultation with Dr. Bethell, where he and his team will tailor your goals to design your ideal smile. 


Dr. Bethell and his team deliver unparalleled results by creating beautiful, healthy, and individualized dental + facial treatment plans. Combining Dr. Bethell's expertise with innovative technology, patients can visualise their future smiles, bringing the end results to life. 


Dr. Bethell and his team offer a new level of aesthetic dentistry. The Blue Door Experience is unlike any other.

Dr. Bethell is trained in and utilizes:

iTero Health Scanning Technology

+ Digital Smile Design Platform by Dr. Christian Coachman

+State-of-the-art Sprintray 3D Printing

+Collaborative Medical Imaging Software

+Bellus 3D Dental Pro Scanning

+Sensory-friendly dental operatory with noise-cancelling headphones and OLED viewing display





west anderson lane

suite 415

austin, tx


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