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Crowns + Bridges in Austin

The Benefits of Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges can be used to restore structurally compromised teeth, change aesthetics, fill in a space caused by a missing tooth. Crowns are typically completed in two separate visits. Initially, the tooth is prepared for a crown in the first visit and you will leave in a temporary crown. The second visit consists of trying in your new crown and cementing it permanently.

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FFD Printed Models-2.jpg

What Are Crowns and Bridges Used For ?

Crowns can be used to strengthen teeth when they are structurally undermined by decay or old, failing fillings. 

They can be used to repair teeth that a fractured or structurally compromised 

Blue Door Dental Design uses zirconia, the strongest, most stain-resistant material available for crowns. 

How Does the Procedure Work?

Crowns and bridges are completed in just two visits with us! During your first visit, Dr. Bethell will prepare the tooth for a crown by removing any existing decay or old filling material, replacing it with new resin material mimicking the structure of the tooth. He then designs and shapes the tooth for ideal retention so a crown can be placed over the newly prepared tooth structure. Once shaped, the prepared tooth is digitally scanned using our state-of-the-art 3D scanners to capture every detail ensuring the perfect fit. This information is sent to our master ceramist, who then hand layers zirconium to mimic a beautiful, natural tooth.



The tooth is prepared in your first visit and a 3D scan of the prepared tooth is collected to allow for fabrication of your permanent crown. A temporary crown is fabricated and cemented temporarily until your permanent crown is delivered. 

After being fabricated by our master ceramists, your final crown is permanently cemented in a painless 30 minute visit. 


Who Is A Candidate for Treatment?

Crowns can be indicated for various reasons. If you suffer from small fractures in a tooth, have large fillings with recurrent decay, or have an old leaking crown, a crown may be right for you. After looking at x-rays and examining clinically, Dr. Bethell will determine if a crown is the best choice for you.

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