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The Benefits of a Smile Makeover

Smile makeovers combine multiple different dental treatments to comprehensively improve an individual's aesthetics and function. At Blue Door Dental Design, smile makeovers start with careful analysis and meticulous design to allow patients to fully visualize the end results before beginning treatment.

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Smile Makeovers in Austin

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The Smile Makeover Procedure


Smile makeovers combine different aspects of dentistry to comprehensively improve a smile.

         These procedures can include:






The Smile Makeover Procedure

You can work out, you can eat right, and you can dress your best for success. Repairing damage that is done to your teeth can help you chew, smile, and feel your absolute best.

Smile makeovers can improve a variety of smile characteristics.



-Prevent Damage


-Dr. Robin Bethell


"The single biggest predictor of lifetime dental health is aligned arches and a stable, healthy bite."

Orthodontic Alignment with Invisalign

As a top 1% Diamond Plus Invisalign provider and faculty member, Dr. Robin Bethell leads with his experience. Adult orthodontics are important for a variety of reasons.


1. Reducing risk of periodontal disease

2. Abnormal tooth wear

3.  Prevents the results of aging smiles 

4. Allows us  to restore them to their ideal function and aesthetics.


Invisalign aligns the teeth into an ideal functional position and can lay the foundation for finishing touches and cosmetic work.


All clear aligners are not equal. 

Patient experience and results can vary greatly depending on the doctor and the products used and there is no substitute for experience. Dr. Bethell has been providing Invisalign since 2006, and designs over 100 cases per month.  He believes orthodontics can be yours with fewer dental appointments and better long term results.


Bespoke, Handcrafted Bonding

Dr. Bethell’s handcrafted bonding is a completely additive procedure completed in just a single visit that delivers a powerful transformation. There is no removal of healthy tooth structure and the composite material can be removed at any time without any damage to the tooth.

Veneers Designed With

Our Master Ceramist

Many types of veneers exist and are indicated to achieve different aesthetic effects and results. Porcelain veneers are thin covering that are used to aesthetically enhance the smile with an improvement in color or shape, or both. Our veneers are hand layered and designed with a master ceramist to achieve the perfect result. 

Who is a Candidate for Treatment?

Anyone seeking to improve their smile is a candidate for a smile makeover, be it a minor or major change.


Smile makeovers can range from subtle changes in aesthetics to complete and comprehensive dentistry.


No single smile is the same, and each individual’s smile we treat is a result of a highly individualized plan tailored to each patient’s ideal smile goals.


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