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Veneers in Austin

The Benefits of Veneers

Veneers are thin porcelain restorations that cover the front portion of the teeth to change appearance in shape and/or color. They can be used to broaden a smile, whiten it, and balance facial proportions to create a desired aesthetic result. A wide variety of veneers exist and it's important to understand which type of veneer is right for your smile. The right balance between a proportionate smile and the rest of the face is essential in creating a harmonious natural result that mimics the beauty of nature.   

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                   THE VENEER PREPARATION

                                 THE VENEER DELIVERY




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Step 1 
The Smile Consultation


Before committing to veneers, our designer shows you realistic digital simulations of veneers on your teeth to give you a clear idea of the end results.We first create a treatment plan tailored to you. Then, you return for a follow up where we discuss and finalize our designs.​​

Step 2 The Veneer Preparation

After approving the design of your new smile, it's time for your transformation! During this visit, we prepare the teeth for veneers and you leave with a temporary version of your new smile! The temporary veneers are worn for four weeks. Meanwhile, our master ceramists begin hand crafting your porcelain veneers.

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Step 3  The Veneer Delivery

Once your veneers are handcrafted by our ceramists, they are inspected in our office to assure their quality. It's then time to adhere them to your teeth! In this visit, your temporary veneers are bonded on, perfected, and fine tuned and then it's time for the big reveal of your transformed smile!

Who is a Candidate for Treatment?

Anyone seeking to improve their smile is a candidate for a smile makeover, be it a minor or major change.


Smile makeovers can range from subtle changes in aesthetics to complete and comprehensive dentistry.


No single smile is the same, and each individual’s smile we treat is a result of a highly individualized plan tailored to each patient’s ideal smile goals.

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Can I floss temporary veneers?

No. Temporary veneers are made of an acrylic material and are one single piece. During your time in temporary veneers, we recommend an electric toothbrush and will prescribe a medicated mouthrinse to ensure your gums stay as healthy as possible in preparation for your veneer try-in. 

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